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10 days until Ludumdare #14

Well, lot happend since LD#13! Since then I am coding (for private purpose) nearly every day with lots of fun and full of will to learn more more and more. LD#13 activated me again so I am really happy I found that competition and I am still very sad that I didn’t find it much earlier.

Nevertheless my 2nd real LD is knocking at the door and this time my main goal is to finish. Not like last time where I published more or less a buggy demo.

To achive that I have to

  • keep the game simple and easy to understand for persons != me :-D
  • sleep enough and also leave home for some time
  • set my own deadline so it is enough time for packing the application

10 days 17 hours 1 minutes left means for me to get up at 5 am to start the compo. In order to be able to work until the last second I took holiday for the day after. Wouldn’t be healthy to go that day.

But one is already fix. I will again use JAVA, again use JMonkeyEngine for OpenGL-Stuff, using blender for creating 3D-Models and gimp for painting-works. This time I won’t have to learn so much basics during the compo and there will (hopefully) no brass band in front of my window (it was christmas-market and it took me quite some time to think about how I could mute them :D )

Can’t wait until the voting-period begins….

(And on Sunday 2009/04/26 the PyWeek will start where I want to gather first python experiences!)

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