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I couldn’t resist when I heard that this weekend is a game competition organized by gamejolt. The theme is “shocking”! In the beginning I thought about doing somthing with shockwaves and jME-Physics. But after some try outs I decided to do a EGO-SHOOTER(Codename:Shockwave)! Well,…typical for me. Try to do that with a minimum amount of skill….! This genere is much to early….

To make a long story short the code is really ugly (even after only 1.5days coding) and I had some quite frustrating expriences. Like the cameras frustum cut off most of my characterarms but with some tweaking I got that work (more or less). And again OGRE3D-Importer stuck my a knife in the back. Works fine for whole scenes but animation-stuff was not working at all…MD5 is better in this (when you do the bones the right way) I’m using models from blender-repository as the programming is hard enough and I still have to do the rigging and animations what is not so easy (and will look like mess afterwards, but that doesnt matter now). Ok what I got until now:

  • Collision-Detection so your character can’t run through walls.
  • shooting and detecting a hit
  • walking around

Haha,…not much! But everything from scratch! Just with jME and my own hands :D Here a screenshot:

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