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Shiva3D - How to deploy to Android

Well, actually I don’t have a clue about Shiva3D. But the promise to deploy on Android,IPhone,Linux,Win,Mac,Web,Webos for really not much money (170€ indi-license) forced me to have a look :D.

After hours of downloading (I was not alone as it was just released) and one hangup after 4h(!) I finally got my Personal Copy which is free for testing purposes (without timelimit). Well, it’s late and I make it short. Here a short trip to deployment as I had problems with the intuitive way. Finally I got it spit out an apk and install it on my emulator. So here is the way how to do it

-Start Shiva3D Editor
-In DataExplorer (lower right corner) select Samples->Games->CarGame(double-click)
-(If you want press Play in the SceneViewer)
-In GameEditor (lower left corner) Game
->Export (I left all options as they were. I just saw the intersting .stk and .cpp option…that is postponed for now)

That’s it for the Editor! Now open Shiva Authoring Tool.
- First we have to setup some paths as we need ant / cygwin / sdk and ndk in order to compile for android.
(If you don’t have the stuff, ask google)
- Press Settings (lower right corner)
- Setup the folders (if it says it don’t find ant, add an ANT_HOME environment-variable heading to it)
- Select the Android-Cellphone on the left and press the arrow on the right
- locate the exported .stk (the one you exported from the editor)
- set authoring-type to project. (I first tried the apk option but got problems! Don’t know if the reason is my cygwin or sdk / ndk. I tried much last time and I may killed something… :D )
- Specify a bundle identifier with minimum 2 dots: e.g. com.trocha.thomas (if no build appears /press enter to apply)
-> build
- the authoring tool opens the explorer at the place where it created a zip-file for you.
- unzip this
- open a cygwin-bash (maybe a normal win-cmd would be enough!? Don’T know)
- if you e.g. unzip to d:\CarGame you have to change to /cygdrive/d/
-> cd /cygdrive/d/
-> type ant
- it is doing some stuff and finally says build success but at my setup there is some strange link:
[exec] cc1plus: error: /cygdrive/g/David/ndk/build/platforms/android-3/arch
-arm/usr/include: not a directory

Who is David? :D I couldn’t locate the problem. Nevertheless lets go on.
- Just type: ndk-build
- that links your CarGame.cpp with the engine and produces a shared-library.
- enter ant install which will now install the game on your device (if it is accessable and can be located via ‘adb devices’)

- have fun. I’m glad when I can test it at home on my own device…. :D

Maybe I could help someone, maybe all of this was not necessary!? As I mentioned I don’t have a clue about Shiva3D (yet). But that might change as soon I have enough time. If there are other ways don’t bother to tell me.


Just found an official introduction about building android…mabye that is quite a bit better! Check this out: http://www.stonetrip.com/developer/doc/authoringtool/android

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