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cmake: install files/directories
MARKDOWN If you want to put additional data to your exectuable when **'make install'** is called: ``` install(FILES ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/...
Jun 1, 2020
yocto-project: building an complete linux distribution (for urho3d)
MARKDOWN [urnenfeld from the urho3d-forums](https...
May 30, 2020
Tomcat Logging
MARKDOWN I guess this is something pretty obvious for java users (except me). I have to admit that in development I did tend to use a System.out.println(....
May 29, 2020
Hibernate: override data from persistence.xml
MARKDOWN If you want to override data you defined in your java-application's jpa/hibernate **persistence.xml** file you can pass a Map to the persistence-api when creating the entityManagerFactory (in this case using an environment-variable to set the ...
May 29, 2020
Android SSL-Connection <-> Tomcat Server with self-signed certificate
MARKDOWN Intro: *Still working on ['bringing back Wood Games 3D'](http://thomas.t...
May 17, 2020
Working with old (Android 4) Eclipse-ADT based Android-Projects
MARKDOWN As I'm trying to [revive "Wood Games 3D"](http://thomas.t...
May 16, 2020
old-school patching
MARKDOWN I actually can't remember when it was the last time I 'manually' patched a file. But it was quite common in the pre git-days. A patch basically is the same as a git-commit, telling the code where to insert what and where to remove what... *As ...
May 15, 2020
Docker: mysql5
MARKDOWN In order to create a local mysql5 server with adminer web-addon: 1) Create a file mysql.yaml: ``` # Use root/example as user/password credentials version: '3' services: db: image: mysql:5 command: ...
May 15, 2020
pimp eclipse with a working(!) and beautiful color theme "Darkest Dark"
MARKDOWN If you want to work with eclipse (as I do with trying to revive Wood Games 3D) and struggle with the default color themes and think "WTF" try the "Darkest Dark Theme". You can't imagine the difference. Steps in Eclipse: 1) Help > Eclipse ...
May 15, 2020
Project: 'Revive Wood Games 3D'
MARKDOWN Ok, since I stumbled over my one and only thingy that I would call a game ["Wood Games 3D"](https://apkpure...
May 15, 2020