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Eclipse CDT Indexer working with CMake & C++11
MARKDOWN Finally started working on my nodetree-project. My IDE of choice is still eclipse although it makes one scream from time to time. Since my new project needs c++11 I *do want* the indexer to make it available for autocompletion. Well, but it does ...
Oct 13, 2017
ZeroMQ - Thrift TwoWay-Communication
MARKDOWN ZeroMQ-based thrift "peer" that is server (multiple services) and client in one. Using one router for punshing out. See the github-repository for the source-code: ...
Feb 1, 2017
xText - use custom properties in CustomOutputConfigurationProvider
MARKDOWN Ok, that is a very special topic and I guess not many will need this. My problem was that I created a properties-page and wanted to use the folders selected there or to use IProject-related paths or such. I had to hack a little bit to get it ...
Jan 27, 2017
Global Game Jam / Düren
MARKDOWN It was GlobalGamJam and I decided to give it a shot. It was very attractive since there was a jam-site in Düren where I live. Very small one organized by **headup games**. (Big thank to them, Mark and Dieter). Since I do need to get into ...
Jan 25, 2017
ZeroMQ - Fun Part II
MARKDOWN ![](images/02_zmq_so...
Jan 6, 2017
ZeroMQ - Fun Part 1
MARKDOWN # ZeroMQ - Mindgames and Samples ## Router bound, 2 Dealers connected to Router ![Image](images/zmq_...
Jan 6, 2017
MARKDOWN Every time fun setting up a maven-project. Here is my minimal default-setup for: * an additional src-folder * setting up the compiler * creating a fat jar via: mvn assembly:once ```xml org.apache.maven.plu...
Jan 5, 2017
ZeroMQ using Java
MARKDOWN Still have in my mind using ZeroMQ as Transport-Layer for my thrift-based communication between Server and Server and Server and Client. Therefore I took a deep look into JZMQ which is the JAVA-JNI Mapping for ZeroMQ. At the beginning I thought ...
Jan 5, 2017
MARKDOWN Still working on the **ZeroMQ**-Front. And I am still convinced, now that I finished most of the guide. Actually I did plan to use [JeroMQ](https://git...
Dec 30, 2016
ZeroMQ here we go
MARKDOWN At the moment I'm working on a more distributed project. One central thing is that I want a **local-server** to be control from the **main-server** that is located somewhere else. (e.g. the internet) I'm using thrift-services and want on the one ...
Dec 28, 2016