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GGJ '20 : Preparations
MARKDOWN After I was ill last year I decided to attend [headup's](https://g...
Jan 25, 2020
Blender-Addons: Get Nodetree of current node_editor panel
MARKDOWN If you want to access data from the selected nodetree inside a node_editor panel: ``` PYTHON class UrhoExportNodetreePa...
Jan 14, 2020
docker: get rid of images and containers
MARKDOWN I moved the blabbering behind the important stuff: **how to get rid of the docker images/containers** ``` docker system prune # dangling containers docker system prune -a # dangling,stopped containers and all unused images docker rmi ...
Jan 11, 2020
CMake: glob_recurse with symbolic linked folders
MARKDOWN If using CMake's file glob_recurse for catching source-file and you want this to also follow symbolic-links, just add the 'FOLLOW_SYMLINKS'-ke...
Jan 4, 2020
NFS and friends on RPI with openmediavault
MARKDOWN Since I'm still experimenting with kubernetes and docker and on the search for a good filesystem-backend, I can put the data on. I first used a simple nfs-server then had problems with postgres, then I tried cephfs, which worked but seemed to ...
Nov 22, 2019
VIM: deactivate automatic visualmode on mouse-selection
MARKDOWN One of the most annoying things is for me when (VIM(editor))[https:...
Nov 22, 2019
Build Urho3D on arm-device
MARKDOWN As I'm building my little **[Urho3D](https://u...
Nov 22, 2019
mount postgres data-folder on NFS
MARKDOWN I struggled for some time getting postgres to run on docker/k8s with /var/lib/postgresql/...
Nov 22, 2019
Remove device mappers from disk
MARKDOWN If you need to get rid of device mapper entries, e.g. because the disc-device you are using was formerly an ceph-OSD. ``` sudo fdisk -l ... Disk ...
Oct 31, 2019
Docker login - not working on linux?
MARKDOWN If you tried to login to docker hub using linux: ``` docker login ``` You might have trouble and getting a nasty problem: ``` error getting credentials - err: exit status 1, out: `GDBus.Error:org.fre...
Oct 27, 2019