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Remove device mappers from disk
MARKDOWN If you need to get rid of device mapper entries, e.g. because the disc-device you are using was formerly an ceph-OSD. ``` sudo fdisk -l ... Disk ...
Oct 31, 2019
Docker login - not working on linux?
MARKDOWN If you tried to login to docker hub using linux: ``` docker login ``` You might have trouble and getting a nasty problem: ``` error getting credentials - err: exit status 1, out: `GDBus.Error:org.fre...
Oct 27, 2019
Kubernetes Link-List
MARKDOWN Atm I'm fiddling around with my raspberry pi,orange pi,odroid-Kubernetes...
Oct 25, 2019
Greatest tool on earth
Since I'm setting up my orange pi,rpi,odroid cluster for the n-th time I actually found a great tool the helps you do everything at the same time in different terminals. "Terminator"
Sep 18, 2019
GIT - Just checkout parts of a git repository
MARKDOWN If you want to include a submodule fully into your sourcetree (because you are forced to as in Unity3d) you can have some kind of workaround using a **sparse-checkout** (EDIT: with drawback...see bottom) Just do it like this: * create ...
Mar 29, 2018
Eclipse CDT Indexer working with CMake & C++11
MARKDOWN Finally started working on my nodetree-project. My IDE of choice is still eclipse although it makes one scream from time to time. Since my new project needs c++11 I *do want* the indexer to make it available for autocompletion. Well, but it does ...
Oct 13, 2017
ZeroMQ - Thrift TwoWay-Communication
MARKDOWN ZeroMQ-based thrift "peer" that is server (multiple services) and client in one. Using one router for punshing out. See the github-repository for the source-code: ...
Feb 1, 2017
xText - use custom properties in CustomOutputConfigurationProvider
MARKDOWN Ok, that is a very special topic and I guess not many will need this. My problem was that I created a properties-page and wanted to use the folders selected there or to use IProject-related paths or such. I had to hack a little bit to get it ...
Jan 27, 2017
Global Game Jam / Düren
MARKDOWN It was GlobalGamJam and I decided to give it a shot. It was very attractive since there was a jam-site in Düren where I live. Very small one organized by **headup games**. (Big thank to them, Mark and Dieter). Since I do need to get into ...
Jan 25, 2017
ZeroMQ - Fun Part II
MARKDOWN ![](images/02_zmq_so...
Jan 6, 2017