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Day3: Gamejolt-Compo

Well,..actually today I was quite finished after work and it took real long to start with coding at “Shockwave”. Actually I added a nice effect to shoot particles as weapon (see in screenshot) That looks better that it is in reality… Hehe… But how often it is the case that the screenshots are better than the game itselfs! So why should I make a difference!? Additionally I added a new Level Design with a nice tiny fence. Problem is that I use rays in order to detect collisions. Too bad I have added a fence that don’t collide with my rays.

To solve that I wanted to add something like collision-geometry. That is working. The problem is that I don’t know how to make it invisible. And if I get it invsible it is not working for my collision detection anymore….Actually I’m quite happy with all of this! I hope to solve the collision thing. Tomorrow I want to add some kind of NPC-Logic so I can start hunting that evil vampire-lords :D

EDIT: I couldn’t resist and finally solved the collision-problem yesterday (instead of going to go bed in time)! But now that I’m in office I regret it. I really doubt there are people in the world that are more tired than me…. :-D

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