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Eclipse Juno: How to restore the tab-behaviour of 3.x

From the 4.x-versions on it seems the tab-behaviour concerning open files has been changed. They seem to be just been set randomly and not sorted by recent use as before. That is a real …. Just found out how to come back to the old behaviour.

Window > Preferences > Appearance: Switch to Classic

And start smiling again :D

Btw: Found in here: http://coderedd.net/r/programming/comments/voovs/eclipse_juno_42_released/

Bookmarks (actually worth a post of its own)

Just found something very useful: Eclipse Bookmarks with which you can (how surprising :D) bookmark code and jump to this every time you want it.

Just go to the line you want to be bookmarked.

Edit > Add Bookmark

And to view all the bookmarks. Open the bookmark-view:

Window->Show View->Other... > General > Bookmarks

This one is integrated in Eclipse for a very long time, but I never saw it :D

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