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organizing the jME-Week

Well…I had the idea that there should be something like the great pyweek for the jME-world as well. So I asked in community if someone would be interested. There was positiv feedback and here we are. Ok, I made the mistake not just saying here is the contest with that rules but started to discuss how it should/could be… So some people start thinking to big from the beginning thinking about prize-money in order to be more attractive to outsider and so on. I know this situations. Maybe there are good ideas but to much at the beginning could be contra-productive or even could risk that the whole competition even starts at all. Noone says the first competition have to be such huge…

Nevertheless I adapted the pyweek rules to the jME-Week (still hoping the pyweek-guys let me use it)  and think that could be a good beginning. In my opinion fame, glory and fun are the only suitable motivations for the competition. That should strengthen the community…. and even if there would be only two participants it would be a beginning to build on to.

If you want to participate at the moment there is a voting for finding a suitable date:


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