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PyWeek: day one

It’s pyweek! Yeah….first experiences in python! I use easyeclipse for python that has the python-plugin already installed as IDE. And try to use pygame in order to get something work :-D Well,…day one was not as productive as I wanted to. I tried a lot of things even thought about using cocos2d that looks quite promising. But I decided to keep that in mind for further experiments and “just” use pygame.

The theme is “GET OFF MY LAWN”. I decided to develop something like a action-game where you have to defend your home from incoming “enemies”. Still I have some starting problems with python but I’m getting more and more familiar. Until now I was able to load a tilemap, pick out the tiles I wanted to, put them in something like a hashmap and readin a map(text)file in order to build a nice map out of that tiles.

Btw: in this compo it is allowed to use 3rd-party resources. And I used this tilemap as a start. Good I don’t have to loose too much time for graphic-stuff. I want to use as much 3rd-party resources as possible. Main task for that compo is to go into python not become a graphicsmaster. :-D

Until now this is all I got. Isn’t it amazing? :-D


It seems that the easyeclipse python-edition is not uptodate. If installing you should get the newest pydev at this update-url:


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