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RPG: New Mr. Mi(nimal)

Ok…here the last version of Mr. Minimal! I tried to use blender to model the mesh with bones and animation and exported it with md5 (Doom3-Format). That was the only one that accepted my model and can be loaded into jME2. (For some reason the Ogre-Exporter had some problems!) Nevertheless the ogre-exporter is my favorite and I will first try this option before switching to md5.

new bnoed Blender-Version

new boned Blender-Version

But best I didnt mention yet. I found a marvelous tool for jme2. The “scenemonitor“! There you can just give a rootNode to the monitor and additional to your game window a JTree apears showing all the child-nodes and their properties. Good I found that before the competion cause I know that this will help me a lot! Here an example how it looks like:



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