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Working with old (Android 4) Eclipse-ADT based Android-Projects

As I'm trying to revive "Wood Games 3D" I obviously need to debug at some point on the device. But how to build it at all? Here the step I took:

  1. Install eclipse photon (newer versions might not work with the ADT-plugin)

  2. Go to help -> Eclipse Marketplace and search for ADT.

  3. Install ADT Android-Plugin

  4. Restart eclipse, install the SDKs you need.

  5. If you get an error telling you something like:

    Unknown error: Unable to build: the file dx.jar was not loaded from the SDK folder

    You can specify build-tools that do fit better your sdk (e.g. 19.1.0 ) in your project.properties-file

    # Project target.
    # Build tools

    If that does not work you can try to download build-tools 25.0.3 and copy DxConsole.class to your current dx.jar. Like here
    More Read

  6. If you try to use "Debug as Android Application" and get an error like:

    Can't bind to local 8600 for debugger

    Go to eclipse->window->preferences->android->DDMS:

    1. Set 'debugger port to 8601'
    2. Check 'Use ADBHOST' (leave the value '')
    3. kill the adb-server:
    adb kill-server
    1. restart eclipse
    2. Try to debug again: "Debug as Android Application" (I'm actually not sure if all steps are needed but those made the job for me,... I guess just restart eclipse is already enough... )
      More Read1 More Read2
    3. If you get some "ClassNotFoundException"s make sure all relevant projects and libraries are exported:
      Check here: "Project -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> Order & Export and ensure everything you want to be part of the apk is checked" More read

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