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Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Actually I decided during the¬†week not to participate at the miniLD. But I couldn’t stand it and just started…As always my plan is to use jMonkeyEngine(Java) and as always I have some problems with the Pipleline blender->jme. The exporter is on a very good way (Thanks to blaine) but because of heavy development things are changing quite fast!? Nevertheless after one evening spending with exporter problems I decided to switch to panda3d (python). Too bad I never did something with it…but let’s have a try. Here is my first character. As the theme is “Sandbox” this guy’s name is “Sandro Sand”.

This is a blender render and actually he doesn’t have eyes (yet).

Now with terrain and already “ingame” using the panda3d-engine:

Day2: Sandro Sand got a new terrain! Is able to jump, can walk backwards(!) can only walk on terrain I want him to move on. Now I want to check the collision-detection with running into objects other then the ground….until now panda3d is quite cool.

Wow,…didn’t think I could do it, but I managed to somehow finish the game! Ok,…it is still buggy with some issues. For example the whole camera-stuff is very fragile. There is one situation where the camera jump in “CLOUD”-mode. YOu can see the little Sandro in 2-3pixels! But that doesn’t matter now. For the ending I even have something like a “in-game-sequence” where little sandro is happy that he finally reached the last sandbox! :D

Here 2 Screenshot from the final version:

As a final conclusion I can say that developing in python was a quite astonishing experience. Everything just worked…hard to explain. Using panda3d was great. Like python everything was fine and more important the documentation of panda3d is just amazing! Actually I don’t know if I will start with something like debugging or just leave it as it is….Nevertheless I’m quite happy with the result. Still there is no real cool gameplay and not so much fun, but nevertheless it is going into the right direction…..

Bytheway. Here is a link to the final windows-installer