Carl Cube reloaded!

Global Game Jam will be started in exactly one week and I decided to remake our first ggj-project Carl Cube and Bobby Ball to check if gamekit can do what I want to do.

Actually I spent some time in fixing gamekit and developing it to a point I would consider usable in a way I want to create games. I just decided to be more centric on developing games now and not that much maintaining the engine (not that I did this fulltime or such…). That means that I will still have an eye on contributing and fixing gamekit but only after I finished a game or if serious bugs occur. (Not sure if I will really do it like this, but I have to concentrate on finishing stuff… keep focused,man! :D)

So, this will be day onepointfive since I already started a bit yesterday:

Stuff I use:

  • Ubuntu
  • Blender
  • Eclipse
  • gamekit
  • git


2 Responses to “Carl Cube reloaded!”

  1. qubodup Says:

    Hey there, what GGJ location will you be at?

  2. dertom Says:

    After 3 years cologne I thought it would be nice for a change.
    So this year the winner is:
    Mülheim(Ruhr) :D

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