Just arrived from mainz from attending devmania doing the overnight-contest with my globalgamejam-companion burak. This time we decided to use Unity3d instead of the beloved jMonkeyEngine. We started at about 6pm and more or less finished 9am without sleeping. There were some problems with the hitboxes using the unity-collision detection. Due to the lack of sleep it was a real challange and usually no problem if google is your friend but we were disconnected as the devmania-guys DID NOT :( provide a public online connection to us. Good to know that the whole unity-manual is packed as offline version as well. (But somehow I was too much on fire to have the calmness of reading :) So I choosed the nerve killing try and error option :D Hehe…well I took a power nap now and somehow regained first power again. So here is a link to the result: