After I was ill last year I decided to attend headup's global game jam again. Perfect that it is located in my city and I can use it to kickstart me into Urho3D. Well,... I'm building on getting a good blender-addon for this for quite a while now, without actually every created a real game.... ( only small thingy is this )

So, to be more focused on finishing something ggj will help me...but to make it work I have one week to look a bit deeper into the engine:

  • navmesh:

    • creation
    • agents
    • movement
    • pathfinding
  • ui ( only basic )

  • controller:

    • mouse
    • gamepad
    • keyboard

It would be great to fulfill the "keep it simple"-rule, but for some reason,.... ;)

EDIT Here is the result. I actually like it. ggj2020