Ok one day to go until the Global Game Jam 2010 will be started. To be honest I’m a bit anxious as I’m not as far with my game dev knowledge as I would like to be. Actually I would like to develope something in jME. I’m quite sure, if I once only once keep in mind to try a very very simple game-design I could succeed. The last miniLD where the cool Theme “Clone” was picked I didn’t think enough and took a game desgin with much differnt states but without real worth….so that was a good example how not to do it… I’m still developing it, but I’m not sure if I go on after the Global Game Jam. Now I have a running Train Schedule with a Map that shows all possible connections and the cities if you scroll over. You can go in the train but that’s it right now. From now on, I will concentrate on the GGJ in Cologne….