Ok, I finally made a version for jME2. To achieve that I also created a userfriendly way to create MeshAnimations programmatically and not only as import from ogre-files. Now you can create MeshAnimation keyframe-based on time,pose and weight like this:

MeshAnimationWrapper manualAnimationWrapper = new MeshAnimationWrapper(face);   
manualAnimationWrapper.addPoseKeyFrame("MouthOpen", 2f,0);
manualAnimationWrapper.addPoseKeyFrame("MouthOpen", 4f,1);
manualAnimationWrapper.addPoseKeyFrame("MouthOpen", 4.5f,1);
manualAnimationWrapper.addPoseKeyFrame("MouthOpen", 5f,0);
// once we created all keyframes we can create an the meshAnimation with the
// specidifed name and register it to meshAnim (which means that you can use it by name
// e.g.: meshAnimController.setAnimation("animation");
MeshAnimation meshAnimation = manualAnimationWrapper.createMeshAnimation("animation",animContr);

This animation can be added to the attached MeshAnimationController….the sample combines Mesh- and skeletal-animation and looks like this:

I commited all relevant files and the demo can be found in the jME2-repository: