Long time I didn’t post about what’s going on with me. Actually as always I’m doing all and nothing. Started a bunch of different projects (one I hope to finish the weekend) and looked a bit in ogre c++ and ogre4j the java-binding.

Just for fun I ported the FacialAnimation-Sample and Terrain-Tutorial(basic tutorial 3) from the ogre-sample to ogre4j. Here is a download-link (you still will have a working installation of ogre4j, what is not done in one second :D ).

Whoever thinks I will switch from jME is wrong. But knowing how other engines work will be a great benefit for improving the jMonkeyEngine as well.  I just started to make a similar FacialAnimation-Demo for jME2. So stay tuned!!!

Here are some screenshots:


Facial Animation: playback animation and manual changing of poses