Ok, this time a participated at LD26-Jam which apprantly would have given me 3 days for development…so good time to test how far my engine is. In terms of features I was more or less satisfied. I invested lots of time bringing http especially https request available via libcurl and openssl. That turned out to be easy for all platforms except android. At least if you want to keep a nice sourcecode-only engine.

The game itself is very simple (the theme was simplistic). The are about three shapes you can click and a view that points out what shape to click after each other. Level to Level the behaviour changes. I finished after one day with gameplay, but had some serious performance issues, even though the game itself shouldn’t… I assume I shouldn’t  have taken 3d-meshes for the order-view as the batch-count seems to be to high. No instancing implemented, yet.

Day 2 I tried to eliminate the performance problem and changed some graphics. I turned out that my gui librocket also have too much batches as well, but I decided to leave it as is and went for a highscore-server on day 3. It worked more or less but I didn’t had enough time to finish all the need ui-stuff for that so I deactivated it again.

In the end the game isn’t that bad. I’m fine with my workflow, having a dedicated fileformat now and automatic inclusion of lua-files into the binary code. Crosscompiling windows, android and blackberry-versions under Linux. So I’m fine (eventhough there seems to be a memory-leak somewhere and eventhough I didn’t release for mobiles due to the performance clash).

LD26-Link: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-26/?action=preview&uid=479

Btw, I just started to develop the game again, as easy test-case that should work on all platforms.