Last weekend it was miniLD-Time again. Although I didn’t had the complete weekend time I decided to take part. The theme was greed (or fishing) with the restriction that every gameobject might be used only once. This means you can’t just use e.g. two fishes that looks the same in the game. They somehow have to be different.

As normal I kicked my first approach after seeing no progress after 4-5 hours and decided to make something like a blackjack-game in a fishing-scenario. You are a fisher and have to decided wheter to go on fishing or not. The goal is to get more fish (in weight) than you opponent without exceeding your boat’s maximum weight… It is a one-click game without real goal beside to win 5 points to win the game.

The game took be about 18h. (6h saturday and 12h sunday)

Have a look here:

I just created a post-compo-version (additional 48h):

Official Compo-Version: