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RPG-LOFI 48h-Compo

Well,…I couldn’t resist! I had to join the compo. Roleplaying-Games “the queen of games” and I think a bit too early for me, but I will give it a try or better said I am giving it a try. Obviously it is the same problem as always! Thinking too big that makes too much problems. Building everything from scratch might be not a good idea, too….24h are over now and all I have is a running “I-Robot” :D Ok…but I think I will make progress and hopefully will have something to release tomorrow!

I really should have done as I thought first. Do a Ultima6-like game….too late for that now!

48h rpg-compo

Tomorrow there will be a competition about designing a rpg in 48h. Sounds quite interesting.

Actually I am still working on two games…..but somehow I am more motivated to start a new one than finishing the current ones. Starting is always more fun then finishing games you stucked in… :D

Hopefully I will produce a game during the 48h :D Would be the first time….

Video-Tutorial: LD-Roads

Here a little tutorial how to survive the first 3 Levels of LD-Roads. Maybe that can help to make it a bit easier as the instructions are not powerful enough to make it clear how to play the game.

I still have to learn a lot!! :D (For example how to make a flash-stream flv instead of a swf! :D



Now that if finished the ld-road I am thinking of what to do next. Ok, there are still the chess- and cryptide-projects, but in near future I have lots of things I want to learn or do minimum some tutorials or even use it in a LD:

  1. As I saw in the ludumdare-competitions lots of people use python and pygame for their project. Never did anything with python, but that made me think of using it one time in a LD as well.
  2. C# using mono for crossplattform compatibility. Usally I was not think of C# cause it meant windows-only (for me). But with Mono it is possible to execute .net 2-executables as well on linux. So why not to give it a try.
  3. Blender modelling. At the moment I use milkshape for modelling that is exactly what I need for my purpose. But blender as much more features and is a renderer as well. So why not make a small nice animated 3d-clip!? Or use the python-based 3d-engine!?
  4. jMonkeyEngine. Well, I already started with that but I am still at the very beginning. I would say, now I can start with really exploring this world of java based 3d-programming.
  5. Keyboard(music)-Playing. I started last year with buying me a nice keyboard. I learned it for some month but lost my way. I want to restart my music career! :D cause it is real fun! Maybe try to compose some a track with reaper!
  6. 3D-Game for the Nintendo DS with the Nitro-Engine
  7. J2ME-Handy game! Maybe alternatively Android!
  8. Write a mozilla-firefox-plugin in XUL
  9. Using wicket for writing a java webapplication

This list will grow,…I’m sure! :D Hopefully I will really finish one of my TODOs! We will see….

Photoshooting with Mr.Minimal

In order to find a nice picture for my logo I asked “Mr Minimal” if I could make some photos of him. Here are the pictures:

LD-Roads finished!

Finally I finished or let’s say closed the LD13-Project LD-Roads! It is really time to close the project in order to start with something new! For example there is still my “War of the cryptides” that I want to finish! :D Maybe I will be sometimes able to finish a LD-Game in the competion-time! :D

Infos and download:


3 games simultanously

Well, at the moment I am devloping three games simultanously:

  • Hellchess (together with Martin). A Simple-Chess-Game
  • LD-Roads! A 3D-Game I started on Ludumdare13 but was not able to finish something that looks like a game
  • “War of the Cryptides” A board-game I started on miniLD#7. I was quite good in time but made the mistake to visit a party after day1! :D

Actually LD-Roads was really a mess! Full of bugs! Unplayable (although some brave guys tried it! Thx for that) Nevertheless I wanted to break out of my usualy way “begin a lot finish nothing” and so I decided to finish LD-Roads so it looks like a real game. Well, the gameplay is still a mess, but nevetheless you know what to do! :D I am ready more or less but still have to design the levels and hope to publish the link on friday in order to switch to “War of the Cryptides” and finish it the next week! Well, we will see if it is possible to fulfill that plan!

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