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RPG still alive

Well, actually the progress of my RPG-Engine is going on very slowly but it is still alive! I just added tha ability to add actions to any entity that is included in the world. Also a very generic dialogue-system was integrated that is a bit complicated to handle. For that I have to write an abstraction maybe in XML to load the dialogues by file.

Here you see Mr Minimal in front of his new house! :-D

RPG-Engine still active

Well,…due to some problems I had to cancel even the tech-demo for the 48h-RPG-Compo but started reactivated the RPG-Engine yesterday.

Features that are implemented up to now:

  • free movement on terrain and additional walkable objects (e.g. bridges)
  • free choice of view. (that was actually implemented by the strategichandler of jme-commons)
  • object interaction. certain objects can interact with each other. e.g. if a given object is closer than a certain distance a trigger can be called.
  • different states for objects that are part of the world. States can have transition animations
  • If falling from a bridge the object is really falling. Not just takinjg the surface’s y-coord.
  • It is not possible to take any height anymore. A ray in front and backwards is testing about the elevation. (only up)

Still to do:

  • communication system
  • fighting system
  • scripting for logic (lowest priority)
  • NPC-logic (walking)
  • daylight / night
  • Plot-Engine
  • …..

Don’t JUMP!!!!

Hehe,…now it is more or less sure that I won’t be able to have something like a game or even a working prototype for the RPG-Compo! Nevertheless I am not sad! I made good progress with the 3D-Engine! Let’s see what how far I can come with my game-engine….Maybe I will be able to do a short demo!

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