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PyWeek: day one

It’s pyweek! Yeah….first experiences in python! I use easyeclipse for python that has the python-plugin already installed as IDE. And try to use pygame in order to get something work :-D Well,…day one was not as productive as I wanted to. I tried a lot of things even thought about using cocos2d that looks quite promising. But I decided to keep that in mind for further experiments and “just” use pygame.

The theme is “GET OFF MY LAWN”. I decided to develop something like a action-game where you have to defend your home from incoming “enemies”. Still I have some starting problems with python but I’m getting more and more familiar. Until now I was able to load a tilemap, pick out the tiles I wanted to, put them in something like a hashmap and readin a map(text)file in order to build a nice map out of that tiles.

Btw: in this compo it is allowed to use 3rd-party resources. And I used this tilemap as a start. Good I don’t have to loose too much time for graphic-stuff. I want to use as much 3rd-party resources as possible. Main task for that compo is to go into python not become a graphicsmaster. :-D

Until now this is all I got. Isn’t it amazing? :-D


It seems that the easyeclipse python-edition is not uptodate. If installing you should get the newest pydev at this update-url:


…and again back to linux

When I bought a third monitor some time ago, I had big problem getting that setup run under linux. The biggest problem was to get it work that maximizing windows on the (nvidia) twin-view just maximized to the current display and not the whole twin-view. That f*#%ed me up so much that I swapped to windows again. After some time an additional feature-adds I got familiar again but got more and more irgl_less_equal bluescreens….

So I gave it a try again with my linux (ubuntu-studio) and really searched the WHOLE web to find a solution! And the answer is:


I really just had to follow the instruction (install the xinerama-headers before) write your own .fakexinerama-file and that’s it! It is like it should be! (More or less) But with that I can really live and am happy to be back again…. Windows got the “Just for Games”-State again :-D (Until the next collapse)

PyWeek ahead!

PyWeek is a ahead and I’m looking forward to a new challange and also a new programming language. Until now I didn’t wrote a single Python-Module on my own. (The only thing I did was modifying a blender-script) (see here)

I bought a nice book about python so I can read in that during every day’s endless way home(carpool). (Too bad next week it is my turn and I have to drive the whole week :-( ) I will not take a single day holiday for that so I am curious if I will be able to finish something.

I intend to use PyGame as library. We will see what will happen….Stay tuned…ToM

After LD is before LD

Well,…this time again: I failed the LD! :( The theme was “Advancing wall of doom”.

I wanted to create an jump’n'run platform-game where you have to try to go high and higher the wall with the help of different helpers. e.g. moving object you have to climb on and stay on top. But that seemed to be too diffuclt for me! I tried to do it without pyhsics-engine. Well actually all I should have to do is send a ray from the feet of my player down the Y-Axis and look how far the distance is to the next pick….. That worked fine for the static objects! But moving objects had some problems here and my player was falling in between….Not good!Too bad I was too small minded to rethink my algorithm and well that’s was it!Sad but true!

The best I can take from the experience is that I started using blender as level-editor. During LD I exported to Wavefront .obj-Files and loaded in the level. Animations was handled by MD5. But again I had real problems importing it to jME…..

BBUUUUTT NOW as all is over and I regained power again I remembered a dotscene-Ogre-Exporter for blender and found out the the radakan-ogreimporter was able to load this. And it worked perfectly! Even animated meshes was handled! Ok…that came 48h too late! BUT it came! I’m really happy about it! And will write a tutorial to share that experience.


It is (nearly) showtime!

15 hours until LD#14 is going to be started. I’m really looking forward to that time but still have to do some things! First buy stuff, especially something to eat! Not too unhealty….(and not too healty, either :-D ) and much more important AND dangerous for me: celebrate a friend’s birthday…. In the past I failed quite often in that challenge. But this I’m quite sure to be fine this time! Ok, maybe I won’t get up at start time! (5 am) but I think I should start with enough sleep cause I won’t take me too much time for sleeping during the compo!!! Whoever want to stay informed about my progress during the compo look at my LD-Journal!

RPG: New Mr. Mi(nimal)

Ok…here the last version of Mr. Minimal! I tried to use blender to model the mesh with bones and animation and exported it with md5 (Doom3-Format). That was the only one that accepted my model and can be loaded into jME2. (For some reason the Ogre-Exporter had some problems!) Nevertheless the ogre-exporter is my favorite and I will first try this option before switching to md5.

new bnoed Blender-Version

new boned Blender-Version

But best I didnt mention yet. I found a marvelous tool for jme2. The “scenemonitor“! There you can just give a rootNode to the monitor and additional to your game window a JTree apears showing all the child-nodes and their properties. Good I found that before the competion cause I know that this will help me a lot! Here an example how it looks like:




LD is a head and even that LD made me think about python. Until some time there was no basis for discussion about java as my “default” programming language but now I think it is time to try something different. The Ogre3D-Project let me think of trying c++, python or c#. As I am not so the supporter of C++ the python binding seems to be quite stable and maintained. So I will have look at this after the competition.

At the end of April there is the pyweek where I will try to participate and use python with pygame to start my “python-career” :D Actually there will be not a “Java or Python”, it might end up with a java AND python.

We will see….

Blender and the perfect animation!

–>How to overwrite .bvh-animations in blender hack

Well, it wouldn’t be me if I would have been satisfied after being able to model and animate my model in blender and load it in jme2. (actually that isn’t working 100% every time) Well,…accidently I found the possibilty to import .bvh-motioncaputure-files to blender. There are huge resources (see links) for that and so it would be nice if I could let the animation-work be done with “just” importing the .bvh-files. Well,…too bad! I didn’t find a step-by-step tutorial how to make this done.

That two were the only more or less useful resources: youtube-tut resource2. The vid is quite useful and show how to work with empties. The second resource I wasn’t able to connect my model to the animation. The script wasn’t able to find the .bvh-file so I couldn’t go on right after step1. Nevertheless I think with this might be together with the youtube-vid a good start to achieve the big goal! Somehow, someday…. For the moment I am still too inexperienced with blender to achieve that in an exceptable amount of time. So back to hand-made motions!

Here some additional links that might help people that are interested in that topic as well:

[EDIT] newly added:

Truespace(free). Seems to have some possibilties as well, but I really didn’t want to look deeper into a second 3d-tool:

Sad but true, I have to postpone the .bvh-project.


Finally I succeeded in adding the animation to the armature with tracking the bones to the empties. In some resources it was written that applying a new animation to the aramture would be possible with just deleteing the existing ones and import the new animation. THAT didn’t work for me because the links pointed to nothing after the deletion. For that I modified the python-script (my first python experiences ;-D ) and now if you once connected your armature with the empties you just have to import the new animation as empty and the new animation-file overwrites the old animation-data. I will look over it and will write a tutorial this evening.

BTW: For sure there is a better other way but I didn’t find any sollution. So if there is another good way, plz tell me.

PS: Now I found that links. Looks very promising.



Here the armature bvh-import is used. It should be possible to modify the script for that option as well.

I wrote a tutorial on my own. If you want to load different bvh-files to the same file then that is your tutorial.

Side trip to ogre4j

As I had much difficulties importing my ogre-meshes in jme2 I had a look at ogre3d. And I have to say it is amazing! But C++ based… so not exactly my world, but with lots of bindings to alternative programming languages. e.g. python, C# AND java ( Ogre4J )

I had a look and found an eclipse-plugin. Wow,…seemed to be great. But after installation without any instructions for that plugin I didn’t exactly know how to go on. I found some instruction how to go on without plugin so I tried to mix it up what seems to be a big mistake.

So I tried the instructions how to do it manually. That seemed to work until a certain point where a jni-exception was thrown when the Sample-Application tried to load a mesh:

Parsing scripts for resource group Internal

Finished parsing scripts for resource group Internal

Mesh: Loading zuh.mesh.


# An unexpected error has been detected by Java Runtime Environment:


# Internal Error (0xe06d7363), pid=2160, tid=3812


# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (11.3-b02 mixed mode, sharing windows-x86)

# Problematic frame:

# C [kernel32.dll+0x12aeb]


# An error report file with more information is saved as:

# D:\windows_radakan\Ogre4jTest\hs_err_pid2160.log


# If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit:

# http://java.sun.com/webapps/bugreport/crash.jsp

# The crash happened outside the Java Virtual Machine in native code.

# See problematic frame for where to report the bug.



Wow,…what an error! And finally even me understand the people argueing against such jni-bindings. It is impossible to see where exactly the problem is. So,…nothing for me! JMonkeyEngine will stay my engine. (And if I really should switch someday I will do it in c++)

BTW: The python-binding seems to be a bit more stable.

And from tomorrow(today) on I will on JMonkeyEngine, Blender and my RPG-Engine again…..


Ok…after watch in the errorlogs that were generated I found following (readable) errormessage:

00:40:23: Finished parsing scripts for resource group Internal
00:40:23: Mesh: Loading zuh.mesh.
00:40:23: OGRE EXCEPTION(6:FileNotFoundException): Cannot locate resource zuh.mesh in resource group Autodetect or any other group. in ResourceGroupManager::openResource at ..\src\OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp (line 753)

And there we are. I copied the zuh.mesh file in the project-directory and not (as it was written in the instructions) in the media-directory. So my fault! I will for sure have an eye on the project also I am quite sure it is nothing for me. And even the following test of importing another mesh-worked without problem…. Argh…I was so sure minutes ago…

Here a screenshot:

screenshot of ogre3d java-binding.

screenshot of ogre3d java-binding.

10 days until Ludumdare #14

Well, lot happend since LD#13! Since then I am coding (for private purpose) nearly every day with lots of fun and full of will to learn more more and more. LD#13 activated me again so I am really happy I found that competition and I am still very sad that I didn’t find it much earlier.

Nevertheless my 2nd real LD is knocking at the door and this time my main goal is to finish. Not like last time where I published more or less a buggy demo.

To achive that I have to

  • keep the game simple and easy to understand for persons != me :-D
  • sleep enough and also leave home for some time
  • set my own deadline so it is enough time for packing the application

10 days 17 hours 1 minutes left means for me to get up at 5 am to start the compo. In order to be able to work until the last second I took holiday for the day after. Wouldn’t be healthy to go that day.

But one is already fix. I will again use JAVA, again use JMonkeyEngine for OpenGL-Stuff, using blender for creating 3D-Models and gimp for painting-works. This time I won’t have to learn so much basics during the compo and there will (hopefully) no brass band in front of my window (it was christmas-market and it took me quite some time to think about how I could mute them :D )

Can’t wait until the voting-period begins….

(And on Sunday 2009/04/26 the PyWeek will start where I want to gather first python experiences!)

It’s blender-time!

Well, for some strange reason I had the feeling to switch to blender in order to create 3d-Models. Well, ok! Blender is for sure very very good but maybe even too powerful what makes the inital steps quite hard. Nevertheless I started (again) with going deeper into blender although I was ill (what makes the project even harder).

As I am still working on my RPG-Engine and a first techdemo I just wanted to build a 3D-Model, put a texture on it, give it an amature and animate it. And the most important step export it in a way JMonkeyEngine is able to read it. That seems to be the hardest part of all. Currently there a two formats that seems to be best for importing animated textured models into jme2. MD5 (Quake3-Models) or OgreMeshes (Ogre3D-Engine).

For me it seems that the ogre-importer of the radakan-project seems a good way to export for jme.

Here you can find the exporter-script for blender.

For the importer there is a ogreloader-project inside the radakans svn:


or you can download an archive. (don’t know if it is the current version)

There you can find jme2-typical  tests how to integrate an orge.mesh to jme2.

Well that’s it for the moment. Once I am really sure what to do in blender in order to do everything the right way with texturing, rigging and skinning I will try to write down something like a basic tutorial cause since I started with jme it was always a big issue how to import models that fulfill all my needs.

Keep on rocking….

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