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Blender and the perfect animation!

–>How to overwrite .bvh-animations in blender hack

Well, it wouldn’t be me if I would have been satisfied after being able to model and animate my model in blender and load it in jme2. (actually that isn’t working 100% every time) Well,…accidently I found the possibilty to import .bvh-motioncaputure-files to blender. There are huge resources (see links) for that and so it would be nice if I could let the animation-work be done with “just” importing the .bvh-files. Well,…too bad! I didn’t find a step-by-step tutorial how to make this done.

That two were the only more or less useful resources: youtube-tut resource2. The vid is quite useful and show how to work with empties. The second resource I wasn’t able to connect my model to the animation. The script wasn’t able to find the .bvh-file so I couldn’t go on right after step1. Nevertheless I think with this might be together with the youtube-vid a good start to achieve the big goal! Somehow, someday…. For the moment I am still too inexperienced with blender to achieve that in an exceptable amount of time. So back to hand-made motions!

Here some additional links that might help people that are interested in that topic as well:

[EDIT] newly added:

Truespace(free). Seems to have some possibilties as well, but I really didn’t want to look deeper into a second 3d-tool:

Sad but true, I have to postpone the .bvh-project.


Finally I succeeded in adding the animation to the armature with tracking the bones to the empties. In some resources it was written that applying a new animation to the aramture would be possible with just deleteing the existing ones and import the new animation. THAT didn’t work for me because the links pointed to nothing after the deletion. For that I modified the python-script (my first python experiences ;-D ) and now if you once connected your armature with the empties you just have to import the new animation as empty and the new animation-file overwrites the old animation-data. I will look over it and will write a tutorial this evening.

BTW: For sure there is a better other way but I didn’t find any sollution. So if there is another good way, plz tell me.

PS: Now I found that links. Looks very promising.



Here the armature bvh-import is used. It should be possible to modify the script for that option as well.

I wrote a tutorial on my own. If you want to load different bvh-files to the same file then that is your tutorial.

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