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After LD is before LD

Well,…this time again: I failed the LD! :( The theme was “Advancing wall of doom”.

I wanted to create an jump’n'run platform-game where you have to try to go high and higher the wall with the help of different helpers. e.g. moving object you have to climb on and stay on top. But that seemed to be too diffuclt for me! I tried to do it without pyhsics-engine. Well actually all I should have to do is send a ray from the feet of my player down the Y-Axis and look how far the distance is to the next pick….. That worked fine for the static objects! But moving objects had some problems here and my player was falling in between….Not good!Too bad I was too small minded to rethink my algorithm and well that’s was it!Sad but true!

The best I can take from the experience is that I started using blender as level-editor. During LD I exported to Wavefront .obj-Files and loaded in the level. Animations was handled by MD5. But again I had real problems importing it to jME…..

BBUUUUTT NOW as all is over and I regained power again I remembered a dotscene-Ogre-Exporter for blender and found out the the radakan-ogreimporter was able to load this. And it worked perfectly! Even animated meshes was handled! Ok…that came 48h too late! BUT it came! I’m really happy about it! And will write a tutorial to share that experience.


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