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And again jME

Well,…usually I thought to give PANDA3D a chance. Surely I will but problems with auto completion with my IDE (eclipse + pydev) let me try all the things that worked fine with panda again and again with jME as well. And what should I say I even realized to get a more or less complicated animation to work with jME that broke up in before try outs. The problem is that I don’t know what I made different to the unsuccessful tries. So I will now start to develop in both engines. This here is a first (jME) screenshot from my next project “goal” where you compete with friends in a penalty-shootout.

unleash the panda

Ok, finally I decided to start a project in panda3d. It looks for me perfect for starting with 3d game development as it is very good commented and the graphicspipeline seems stable for me. I had no problems exporting my animated 3d model with panda3d’s egg-exporter for blender. Loading an actor (a animated model in panda3d) are 2 lines and calling an animation another line like actor.loop(”walk”).

With all that I had problems in jMonkeyEngine. Neither MD5 nor ogre was able to load my model. Ok,…I’m quite sure that the limiting factor was my model. Nevertheless I give panda3d and especially python a chance.

Fighting at different fire sources

At the moment I’m not so really sure how to go on. I really like jME and java and find it so cool that there is such a great Engine and want to participate in developing the engine. But at the moment my problem is to get my objects loaded into jME properly. As soon as it getting a bit more complex there are problems. Using MD5Importer or OgreMeshImporter. I’m quite sure that all could be more or less achieved the right way nowadays but I need something like a guideline how to treat your object that it is fully exported by the exporters and also being loaded by the importers.

Yesterday I just tried to use PANDA3D to load a model that was not possible to load with Ogre (MD5 does) and it worked from the beginning using the egg-exporter. With panda I have had some texture problems but that may be an experience problem. As it is a new programming language (python) and a new system.

Panda3d is so overwhelming in the point of documentation! It’s unbelivable. I think this should be an example how jMonkeyEngine should look like in a couple of years. I even found some sample blender-files that are able to export with their blender-exporter. So you could have a look how that models are build up… I’m really curious about testing them….

Well,…at the moment I think about starting a nice little minimalistic game-project and I am still not sure what technology to use. jME or Panda3d. At the moment I think I will give PANDA3D the chance to show was it is made of. jME I will try to find out the best way how to model a character and animate it so it can be imported everytime…. So I will go on fighting with jME,PANDA3D and BLENDER……

Mr. Minimal is growing up

Today I looked a bit deeper into blender. My main task for today was playing around with hairs which are quite cool implemented to blender but the big problem is to get it out to use it with jME. Ok,..to make a long story short I skipped that part and tried other hairs first with planes and alphamaps which seems was quite simple but had some problems exporting it. Then I tried just texture hair which I decided should be my approach for the beginning. Maybe I can add bumpmapping to that. I can go deeper into that later. So I skipped that also. By the way I’m quite good in skipping! Nevertheless I didn’t give up and played around with blender’s sculpture-mode. And here is a very very very new guy in the minimal-family…..looks a bit like a real character. I’m impressed :D. Actually that one has quite lots of lost vertices but nevertheless it was possible to export him…. I will start tomorrow a new one….

PyWeek: Fighting the Lawn

Well,…I’m getting more and more familiar with python and pygame and my pyweek-project makes little progess. Actually my code is already quite messy. But it should be still possible to handle it. At moment I have a nice little character I can steer across my tilemap and one stupid skeleton who is polluting my nice garden….I have to stop it! I hope to finish this today otherwise it will be another game on the long “didn’t finish”-list.

Here one screenshot:

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