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Actually I decided during the week not to participate at the miniLD. But I couldn’t stand it and just started…As always my plan is to use jMonkeyEngine(Java) and as always I have some problems with the Pipleline blender->jme. The exporter is on a very good way (Thanks to blaine) but because of heavy development things are changing quite fast!? Nevertheless after one evening spending with exporter problems I decided to switch to panda3d (python). Too bad I never did something with it…but let’s have a try. Here is my first character. As the theme is “Sandbox” this guy’s name is “Sandro Sand”.

This is a blender render and actually he doesn’t have eyes (yet).

Now with terrain and already “ingame” using the panda3d-engine:

Day2: Sandro Sand got a new terrain! Is able to jump, can walk backwards(!) can only walk on terrain I want him to move on. Now I want to check the collision-detection with running into objects other then the ground….until now panda3d is quite cool.

Wow,…didn’t think I could do it, but I managed to somehow finish the game! Ok,…it is still buggy with some issues. For example the whole camera-stuff is very fragile. There is one situation where the camera jump in “CLOUD”-mode. YOu can see the little Sandro in 2-3pixels! But that doesn’t matter now. For the ending I even have something like a “in-game-sequence” where little sandro is happy that he finally reached the last sandbox! :D

Here 2 Screenshot from the final version:

As a final conclusion I can say that developing in python was a quite astonishing experience. Everything just worked…hard to explain. Using panda3d was great. Like python everything was fine and more important the documentation of panda3d is just amazing! Actually I don’t know if I will start with something like debugging or just leave it as it is….Nevertheless I’m quite happy with the result. Still there is no real cool gameplay and not so much fun, but nevertheless it is going into the right direction…..

Bytheway. Here is a link to the final windows-installer

Apache ODE 1.3.2.(BPEL-Engine), Tomcat 6.0 and MySQL

EDIT:PLZ ignore all my complaining! everything should be fine now in wiki and the upcoming releases (>1.3.2) Thx for the fast reaction of the ODE-Developers!

To say it from the beginning. This ODE is a BPEL-Engine for orchestration of Buisiness-Processes and has nothing to do with Physics-Engine ODE. Nevertheless I spent much time switching from the filebased buildin database to MySQL. There wasn’t much to find about that in the WWW. There is a nice point in the userguide that drove me crazy:

3. Make sure that MySQL is started and the ODE schema has been loaded in a ode database.


Well,…but how!? First of all there is no schema provided and the integrated openJPA seems not to be willing to create the schema for you….

Here a tutorial how to install Apache ODE 1.3.2 on Apache Tomcat 6.0

  1. download mysql-connector if you haven’t yet
  2. unzip/untar the archive and move the driver-jar (mysql-connector-java-xxxx.jar) to your tomcat’s lib-directory (TOMCAT/lib)
  3. download ode-war.zip
  4. unzip the archive and copy the file ode.war to your webapp-directory (TOMCAT/webapps)
  5. Follow the instructions as described in the user-guide(following steps 6 + 7):
  6. Add the following stanza to TOMCAT/conf/server.xml inside the <Host> element:
    <Context path=“/ode” docBase=“ode” debug=“5″ reloadable=“true” crossContext=“true”>
    <Resource name=“jdbc/ODEDB” auth=“Container” type=“javax.sql.DataSource”
    maxActive=“100″ maxIdle=“30″ maxWait=“10000″
    username=“root” password=“” driverClassName=“com.mysql.jdbc.Driver”
  7. Add a file named ode-axis2.properties under Tomcat/webapps/ode/WEB-INF/conf with the following content:
  8. create a database with the name ‘ode’
  9. create the ode-job table (somewhere in the sourcecode I found that):
    jobid CHAR(64)  NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
    nodeid char(64)  NULL,
    scheduled int  NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    transacted int  NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    details blob(4096)  NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY(jobid),
  10. In order to let openjpa create the schema go to the command-box (START->run…->CMD) and set following java_options(this is one line):
    set JAVA_OPTS="-Dopenjpa.jdbc.SynchronizeMappings=buildSchema(ForeignKeys=true)"
  11. navigate to you tomcat’s bin-directory and start the tomcat by using the startup.bat (or startup.sh)
  12. With a bit luck, that’s it….hope that helped.

Additionally here is a schema for Apache Ode 1.3.2.

I really ask myself why there is such a huge lack of information about that topic. Maybe I had something on my eyes and all of this is obvious. But for me it was not. And I really can’t get why to use a build-tool “buildr” that is ruby-based!???? And using all “how to build the source-code” instructions ended up in a buildr-error!?! Well,…maybe again my fault!? Actually I now can start to work with ODE and maybe someday I will love it, but not yet! That is for sure! :D


Just got comments from the Apache ODE developers that they fixed the wiki and will ship the schema with next releases! Wow,…actually I didn’t expect such a reaction! All I can say is:”Thank you”. Sry about being mad about the wiki I know it is no fun to keep that up to date… ;-D

jME-Week #1 ended

The first jME-Week has ended and I’m ,as the organizator, a bit disappointed. Alltogether we were only 4 people that participated. Two (core_dump and me) published something playable, kine and mazander started but didn’t finish but showed some screenshots. Ok,..I know maybe the pyWeek model is not so compatible to the jME-World as thought. Too much time is needed for stuff that actually has nothing to do with the game. Maybe we should have made clearer instructions to ignore that and just to implement a game. No pause, no restart, no highscore.

Here are some screenshots:








Last to say. Every start is hard. Maybe I should think about another model. Erlend_sh said to organize a compo at the end of the month but I’m at the moment a bit exhausted in participationg in compos and don’t think I will take part. And there will be an mini-ld as well. Even don’t know if I want to start there. Maybe it is the time to start a real project not only as usual a prototype. First I have to finish planning a friend’s bachelor’s day on the weekend and after that I have time to concentrate on helping blaine with his jME-Exporter (now called Hott-BJ) and start my project.

jME-Week #1: A2B

Ok…finally we started the first jME-Week#1. As it seems we are 3 participants (including me) which is a bit disappointing but actually I’m glad that core-dump and mazander joined….hopefully we can finish something. The theme of the compo is: SIMPLE. This actually forced me a bit to keep it really simple. My plan was to run through different phases.

  1. Finish a simple engine with minimal gameplay with minimal level-design
  2. add hud scoring etc to finish
  3. extend the engine plus integrate tutorial mode
  4. create levels
  5. add highscore-server

After day 1: I finished Phase 1 to 80% and already began implementing a hud showing the time.

More infos at: http://www.tomtro.org

I really hope to finish this time…. :-D

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