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7 days Compo: 20s monochrome strategy game

Ok…let’s give it a try. Again a compo. Task is to create a strategy game in monochrom playing in the 20s. Strategy game. This is not easy. After think quite a while I’m sure it will be hard to keep the user understand what’s all about the game. But nevertheless I will give it a try (altough I have the feeling I’m the only one beside the organizer that is participating :D )


coding stuff

I just finished writing my last post (on sunday) when I thought to have a look at javagaming.org . Last time I was there, they thought about organizing a compo so I thought about getting some infos about it. Well,..the first post I saw was “Compo started”…. :D The period: friday to monday morning. Hmm,..6pm! Argh…let’s see what I can do…to make a long story short. I was working on it much too long (10h) but actually I’m quite satisfied with the result. Nothing special but it’s ok… Have a look here (for now you need JAVA6):

Rocky - the illegal pool jumper:



Well,…when I took part at miniLD last time and again had some issues with getting my model exported from blender->jME (because of a fault of mine) I decided to switch to panda3d for that miniLD. And for now I plan to make a small break with jME and try to use panda3d instead. jME I will still use and still test every model I do to export… but I’m tired of try and error and just want to use a stable product. That is for me at the moment panda3d. I decided to start with a project (of course RPG :-D ) that I will take more time. All the compos are fun but it is enough for now. (Maybe the real LDs will be something to think of).

The plan for the RPG:

- use as much external models as possible. Rigging and animating takes enough time.

- for the story I try to use parts of a D&D-Book I found online. Don’t know if it is legal but when I’m ready with it for sure noone would even think about that this could have something to do with D&D :D

- Build as much reusable components as possible

Actually I already started with the project and want to learn during that the basics. At the moment I have just started with something like a class for figures (models) that just stays on the ground no matter where they are and where they move. That seems to work now….I started with a already ready class GravityWalker but that didn’t work for me. No clue why…. So I am back agin to ray and floor :D Actually all of this could have been done in jME as well but I will go on now with panda3d and will for sure find some good stuff that might be useful to implement in jME as well.

Aja,…additional I already created a makehuman-model used the rig and added some face-controlls for eyes and mouth. Actually he is looking like someone shot with a shotgun in the mouth but it is just a dummy character to use for NPC and PC during the engine-development…addtional I created a rigg for the beast! A great free model.

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