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Ok..finally after some after work evenings I got the right workflow how to export stencilmaped textures from blender to jME! Actually that was one of the last main-features I wanted to learn until I can start building my first small level…. Here a picture of a wall:

Blender <-> jME - Pipeline

Was a bit silent the last time here and like the tech-demos before I didn’t finish the tank game as well. Actually I got started to test how to use blender more or less as a level-editor that pass some external data to jME via the hottbj-exporter. With that I actually started how to export something like stencil-mapped textures which is more or less the technique used in splatting terrain…. So I’m more in basics stuff again that I capsule as reusable Classes. I also start thinking about a point-and-click adventure…. :D Ah yes,…and I actually wrote my first blender exporter for extracting somthing like paths…. Much constructions sites….

JGN ClientServer-Tests

Currently I’m looking a bit deeper into the JavaGamingNetwork (JGN) and started for that a little Tank Multiplayer-Demo. The animations no so fluent right now but that is not the main point for the moment.

Here a screenshot:

Looks a bit like all three are the same screenshots, but believe me it is not :D

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