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Same procedure as every LD!

Hehe,…last weekend I decided to take part at the miniLD#13 with Theme:Educational! Quite hard. Actually I found out that I really don’t know any stuff you could teach it in a game!? Well nilsf the host told we might go in the direction of gallileo or darwin. So I tought about creating a game that might teach you the planets of our universe! But all of this should be done in subconsious so I wanted to embed the learning stuff in a nice story… And here begins the fail!

It should become a shooter. The sotry should be somethingl ike the whole universe in under the power of an evil emperor and we, the heros, want to save the universe. For that you should have tasks on every planet. After or during the mission you should have needed knowledge about the planets in order to be faster or something like that! Hehe,…and the something like that shows that I again was to fast with starting and did too less thinking. At the moment I’m still too much doing non gameplay-related works what prevents me from fulfilling the mission! :D

To make a long story short I really came much further in the blender->jME pipeline and improved my game-framework so that upcoming projects might be developed much easier AND I will go on with that game! It is already quite nice flying over a planet and collect some items! The steering is not so good and you don’t have a feeling how high you are flying in order to catch that items…

Well will see what will happen…here two screenshots:

LD is comming!

Mini-LD is waiting! This time they decided to have a very free time constraint. You can choose 48h until the end of october to do your work. Actually I wasn’t so happy with that cause I think that coding it the same time with different people is most of the fun. So it might be some lonly rangers doing their work and noone really cares about it!? Nevertheless this weekend I wouldn’t have enough time to do it so this rule is time good for me as I intend to invest the upcoming weekend for that…. Now I’m curious about the theme and looking forward for the competition.

At the moment I’m trying to add normalmaps to the stencilmaped objects. Actually I haven’t much experiense with shaders yet but it seems that with the use of the shader I used it was not possible use different texturesizes. But I’m on it and hope to solve that today.

multiple stencilmaps

Ok…actually this is not such a mystery, Nevertheless it had to be tested and here it is. A model that is covered by 3 different textures that uses stencilmaps in order to show the regions to be shown:

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