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GlobalGameJam 2010

Ok one day to go until the Global Game Jam 2010 will be started. To be honest I’m a bit anxious as I’m not as far with my game dev knowledge as I would like to be. Actually I would like to develope something in jME. I’m quite sure, if I once only once keep in mind to try a very very simple game-design I could succeed. The last miniLD where the cool Theme “Clone” was picked I didn’t think enough and took a game desgin with much differnt states but without real worth….so that was a good example how not to do it… I’m still developing it, but I’m not sure if I go on after the Global Game Jam. Now I have a running Train Schedule with a Map that shows all possible connections and the cities if you scroll over. You can go in the train but that’s it right now. From now on, I will concentrate on the GGJ in Cologne….

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Soo,…it’s miniLD-time! Actually I wasn’t sure if I want to start at the miniLD but the rules (tkae as much time as you want) and the theme (clone a classic game) let me not think twice. A good test for upcoming global game jam next weekend. It is still not stable but stable enough to start coding with it. I started to clone a nice game from the 80th. Agent USA where you have to destroy teh fuzzbomb, which turn normal people into fuzzies :D (Have a look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOCpX8O0xVE )

Ok,..actually I got until now the normal people’s npc-AI (stumble around and if you see this diamonds try to pick them up) I can already steer my character and push the normals away. The diamonds start after a while to multiply. Hmm,..that’s it. When I think not much for 1,5 days!? That must be faster. Actually I’m quite curious about global game jam. Never wrote a game in a team…

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Next step in evolution!

First one marvelous screenshot:

Isn’t that just marvelous? :D


Too bad I wasn’t ready in time to finish a complete game for the compo. It took me too much time writing the game engine that I hadn’t enough left for designing a cool level. :( Sounds familiar to me as this was the same with the last ludumdare-compo. But the game-engine makes progress. So I implemented something like a cutscene-ability with scripted scenes.
grandma.goLeft(10); grandma.wait(2f); grandma.goRight(10).
Also I implemented a statemachine and a statemachinecontroller and severall Nodes like switch nodes you can use in the conditons for a transition in the statemachine. Well, actually I last weekend (including the whole friday) I was about 16h per day at the computer resulting in a fairly nice braindead-state with a subzero-efficency. Producing only bugs so I wasn’t able to even release a mini-demo in time.
And last but not least I added beanshell as scripting language. Every blender-entity is available by it’s name and you can change every data at runtime in the console or via script.

Now my main task is to rewrite the engine (again) to have more clear core and extended features. I did do quite a good work and I think this should be done in about a week.

BTW: Here is the mini-demo



Argh, for some reason it is (again) not running on every system. Don’t have a clue why but I don’t take the time now to find this out. I’m rewriting the engine and will then go on with this game. (Maybe :D )


Although I’m still working on a ludumdare Exploration-Level I entered the Assemblee-Compo. It is a very interesting one cause it is split up into two parts. Part one was especially for graphic gurus and componists to create content that should be used for part 2 to create a game out of it. It is about one week time now and I want to use my game-framework that I started developing with Exploration for that. Actually it makes a bit progress but still some needed software to implement before I can think of gameplay :D. And of course it will be very close if I can really finish something. As always I’m quite optimistic. Here a first screenshot:

After I hopefully finished this I want to finish “Lost in Exploration” and THEN I want to take part at the global game jam in cologne at the end of the month. :D Lots of wishes and a lots of doubts :D

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