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yocto-project: building an complete linux distribution (for urho3d)

urnenfeld from the urho3d-forums has created a setup to create a complete linux distro for something like an urho3d-console called urhobox aka the fin,... The one he created is for the rpi0 and I try to create an rpi3 setup.

All of this works with a project called yocto. It is huge. Honestly. urnenfeld did already all of the heavy lifting and also setup a nice step by step-wiki. I only have wrap my head around this yocto-way-of-life.

Here some command for me to remember:

Clear one 'target' (To remove temp and sstate cache):

bitbake -c cleansstate gstreamer

To increase the image-size. Add to conf/local.conf something like this:


More here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36452798/yocto-rebuild-part-of-project

...what you need for this project is time. much time :D

Well, I spent countless hours building, downloading, Gigabyte after Gigabyte...I can tell you one. This do have some learning curve...and it really drains lots of power out of you :D

I also tried another project that does a similar job buildroot. I'm now back an yocto and still working on it...kind of. This will be definitely one of those projects that you put countless hours and days into it, just to say:"Yeah it worked!" but without doing something with it afterwards. Still,...I have a lot of SingleBoardComputers and it still find it an apealing idea to have disc-images for all of those to start your game, your 'console'.... still I'm waiting for my RPI0 for which the whole setup seems to work already....

Memo to me: "Plz, give this project low-priority. Work on it max 1-2h before ending the day..."

EDIT2: Still fiddling :D I can't help it

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