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…and again back to linux

When I bought a third monitor some time ago, I had big problem getting that setup run under linux. The biggest problem was to get it work that maximizing windows on the (nvidia) twin-view just maximized to the current display and not the whole twin-view. That f*#%ed me up so much that I swapped to windows again. After some time an additional feature-adds I got familiar again but got more and more irgl_less_equal bluescreens….

So I gave it a try again with my linux (ubuntu-studio) and really searched the WHOLE web to find a solution! And the answer is:


I really just had to follow the instruction (install the xinerama-headers before) write your own .fakexinerama-file and that’s it! It is like it should be! (More or less) But with that I can really live and am happy to be back again…. Windows got the “Just for Games”-State again :-D (Until the next collapse)