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Mr. Minimal is growing up

Today I looked a bit deeper into blender. My main task for today was playing around with hairs which are quite cool implemented to blender but the big problem is to get it out to use it with jME. Ok,..to make a long story short I skipped that part and tried other hairs first with planes and alphamaps which seems was quite simple but had some problems exporting it. Then I tried just texture hair which I decided should be my approach for the beginning. Maybe I can add bumpmapping to that. I can go deeper into that later. So I skipped that also. By the way I’m quite good in skipping! Nevertheless I didn’t give up and played around with blender’s sculpture-mode. And here is a very very very new guy in the minimal-family…..looks a bit like a real character. I’m impressed :D. Actually that one has quite lots of lost vertices but nevertheless it was possible to export him…. I will start tomorrow a new one….