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Ludumdare13 is coming (5.12.-7.12.2008)

LD13, a 48h solo gamecoding contest, is about to start upcoming weekend. As I always wanted to participate in such a competition I was pleased to hear about it 2 weeks ago. A good goal for putting myself under pressure for doing some basic groundwork so I am prepared for the weekend. I intend to use tje jMonkeyengine that I am interested in for about 2 years but never really done more than running the samples.

For now I made a plan about topics to know before the competiton starts:

  • Modelling a simple character with animation
  • Import that character in jME
  • move that character (left/right-cursor=rotate up/down=forward/backward)
  • collision-detection
  • terrain-creation
  • adding sounds
  • how to create sounds by myself
  • creating a gui for user-interaction
  • picking object in 3D-space
  • how to pack the project that everyone can use it at once
  • how to use textures
  • moving the camera

Well, actually I don’t know how the competition is going to end but I read some articles about it and everyone agreed that you shouldn’t think too big. I will try to keep that in mind.

The competition will start at 7pm PST what is meaning that I will have to start my competition at 5am on saturday :D!  Argh…ok! No Problem…

Mr Minimal 2

Mr Minimal 2

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