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Trapped in Emscripten?

Just started trying to port gamekit to emscripten. Beyond other problems I struggled on swig generated lua-layer which threw a for me cryptic “trapped”-exception in the ‘SWIG_Lua_namespace_register’-function.

To make the long story short. Swig 2.0.11 created invalid code with int SWIG_Lua_namespace_register(..) function that did not return a value, which seemed to be the problem. Adding a return 1; manually at the two problematic function fixed the problem.

For a happy ending for this specific problem it was sufficient to upgrade to swig3.0.3…


Actually swig3 seems to have changed its way of how inhertitance is handled, which somehow broke inheritance of methods at all!? Using the swig-switch -squash-bases let you use the old way, but this brought back the emscripten-problems :D. Ok, there seems no way around to fix it in swig itself.


Very cool, posted a pull-request on the swig-changes and they got merged immediately :D

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