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emscripten reloaded

At the moment I'm in the process to get gamekit being compilable on the main platforms. So for now I got linux,win32(cross compiled with mxe(mingw) on linux),android,blackberry playbook(my precious thing),blackberry bb10 (can create a package but crashes in the emulator when ogre tries to get the opengl-extensions. I decided to skip for now, as this platform is already dead. Sad but true).

So now emscripten to have gamekit running in the browser (again!?). I was already working on this about one year ago and I kind of got it to work. I still know that I spent plenty of time getting the reddwarf-server accept emscriptens socket=>websocket=>server-Mapping running.

Now I actually have to start from zero. I could have sworn I wrote a howto, but damned me it seems it did not.

To make a long story short, I finally came to a point where I could compile and link the whole gamekit-project but when it came to create a website it crashed. There is a hint that I got a mismatch in my emscripten<=>llvm<=>clang versions.

Now I'm updating the emscripten-library the right way

hooary Once I took the CMake-Toolchain file that is packed with the library and not my outdated one I got it to compile. It also generates a html-file that I just need to start. Gamekit is starting but then hangs somewhere.

I am using the new pthreads-feature and I guess there might be a problem. For now I'm glad I came to this point!

At least the Input is working, so that is actually not bad. The js-file is about 300M ;) but I have turned off almost any optimization. There is still some room for improvement!

Now I'm trying to work on the top notch emscripten version.... Don't need a heater atm. Compling the thrid emscripten-sdk from scratch now ;)

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