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gamekit - playground

get the latest gk.playgound as zip: https://github.com/dertom95/gamekit-playground/archive/master.zip

find the latest gk.playground on github: https://github.com/dertom95/gamekit-playground

What is it about?

gamekit-playground is basically gamekit but with lots of changes over the years that I just added experimentally and in a very ugly way. Nothing that was ever intended to be shown to the public. Therefore the postfix 'playground' to underline that you are actually using my playground. Some stuff is working as intended others not....
Nonetheless I want to share it now including a blender-addon in which I did very nasty things writing it with false assumptions and which will crash your blender some times...The addon will have to be remade someday but also adds support for nodetrees.
So for everyone search for some stable, well documented and well supported game engine, go to Unity3D or Unreal. For everyone else be welcome.

Status Quo

Runtimes available:

  • linux (development platform)
  • windows
  • android
  • blackberry bb10 and playbook
  • web / emscripten (very experimental due to some special browser-features needed to be enabled)

Sorry, atm I couldn't get it to be compiled on osx. One workaround is to use the windows-version with wine. Someday I will take another shot.