Ok, normal Ludum Dare Jam. I get a theme think(!) about a concept and start doing it. In the end it turned out, that I couldn’t really make it a fun game, ran out of time and didn’t focus 100% on the goal.

So, a disappointment? No,… this was the first time, that actually my (gamekit-based) game-engine worked very well. Most of the things I assumed to work did actually work (which was not the case in the past) Ok, I found some bugs, but that is okay cause I found other ways around.

Deploying is still a bit fiddly. There is no ‘deploy button’ yet. I could only use the development runtime, but I want code to be included, models to be unreadable. Usually textures can be included to the model-file but I got some problems with that lately on android, so there is now an assets.dat which is at the moment basically an zip file :D Fonts are included in the filesystem’s media-folder.

Again, I’m a bit flashed that it worked out very well. I actually used lots of good stuff like pools and message-managers for internal communication.

About the game: The theme was 10seconds. My plan was to create an environment that is at pause. So the time is not running. You have the control to let the time progress. There are two elements. The ones that go there way when time running at elements you have to choose to be part of the normal time flow. With this I wanted to create tricky levels that use this mechanic.

Still I think the idea is not bad, but it was too hard to find a good level design. The only thing I’m a bit disappointed about, is that I didn’t realize this earlier. Actually I know to avoid games that have puzzle-based levels you have to create manually. But I seem to forget about this (again and again and again) :D Mea culpa.

Nevertheless I packed all the stuff I have and created executables:

WINDOWS | LINUX 64bit | Android-Apk (The name is Ogrekit-Demo)

Now,I’m glad to go on with my current project the remake of triquacir which was basically my ld26-game.